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Being charged with driving while intoxicated ("DWI") or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs ("DUI") in Maryland is a serious matter with severe consequences.  If you are convicted, you risk paying expensive fines, having points imposed on your license, serving a period of probation, or serving time in jail.  With 30 years of experience in handling DWI/DUI cases, The Cole Law Firm LLC has a deep knowledge of Maryland’s DWI/DUI laws, and we work tirelessly to reach the best outcome for our clients.  In doing this, we always scrutinize police conduct and scientific findings as it pertains to breath and blood analyses to build defenses that make sense both legally and scientifically.


MVA Administrative Hearings

In Maryland, there exists an administrative procedure separate from the criminal prosecution whereby you can argue to keep your driver’s license and driving privileges.  You have the right to request a hearing at the Office of Administrative Hearings located in Hunt Valley, Maryland, within 10 days after your arrest.  The hearing at the Office of Administrative Hearings is completely independent of the criminal prosecution in court, and it does not control sanctions involving fines, imposition of points, or jail.  Instead, the administrative hearing is designed to determine the status of your driver’s license.  In addition to defending our clients in court, The Cole Law Firm LLC has deep knowledge of the administrative process associated with drinking and drugged driving offenses, and we have defended the rights of hundreds of clients in front of the Office of Administrative Hearings.

Commercial Driver's License

If you hold a Commercial Driver’s License (“CDL”) and are charged with a DWI or DUI, you face even more significant consequences as it pertains to your special driving privileges.  For example, if you hold a CDL and were charged with DWI or DUI, you risk having your CDL license suspended or disqualified.  Additionally, the imposition of work or ignition interlock restrictions bars you from holding a CDL, and being convicted of DWI or DUI results in an automatic one-year suspension of your commercial license.  Over the past 30 years, The Cole Law Firm LLC has defended a significant number of clients who were charged with DWI or DUI while holding a CDL license.  We stand ready to defend you in both criminal court and at the Office of Administrative Hearings to assist you in continuing your driving career.

If you have been charged with DWI or DUI, don’t let your fears and concerns overwhelm you.  Let our firm help you successfully resolve your case and resume your life.  Call us today at (410) 709-8719 or fill out the form below to schedule an appointment.  Conveniently located in Baltimore, Maryland, The Cole Law Firm LLC stands ready to represent you in your DWI/DUI matter.


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