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In addition to DWI/DUI offenses, The Cole Law Firm LLC has significant experience in other traffic citations that carry a possibility of incarceration and imposition of points on one’s license.


Driving On a Suspended or Revoked License

An individual who drives on Maryland roads while their driver’s license or privilege to drive in Maryland is suspended or revoked risks incarceration and imposition of points on their license.  Importantly, driving suspended and driving revoked are two separate offenses.  When you are charged with driving on a suspended license, the maximum penalty in terms of jail time and possible points on your license is dictated by the reason for your suspension.  For example, driving on a suspended license for failing to appear in court carries a less serious penalty than driving on a suspended license based on the failure to pay child support or an alcohol-related suspension.

Driving Without a License

Driving or attempting to drive without a license in the State of Maryland is an incarcerable offense that carries 5 points on your license upon conviction.  Although seemingly simple, there are a large number of defenses to the charge of driving without a license.  If you hold a valid Maryland license, this offense is not the correct charge if you are pulled over and fail to produce your physical license for the officer.  There is a separate, non-incarcerable offense for that scenario which carries a fine of $50.00.

If you have been charged with an incarcerable traffic offense, don’t let your fears and concerns overwhelm you.  Let our firm help you successfully resolve your case and resume your life.  Call us today at (410) 709-8719 or fill out the form below to schedule an appointment.  Conveniently located in Baltimore, Maryland, The Cole Law Firm LLC stands ready to represent you in your traffic matter.


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